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New England Literature Program

NELP is a University of Michigan academic program that takes place off campus during the Spring half-term. UM faculty and other staff teach the courses, and students earn regular UM credit.

The program takes place at Camp Wohelo on Sebago Lake in Maine. For six and a half weeks, 40 students and 12 staff members live and work together closely, reading New England authors, writing, and exploring the New England countryside, its people, culture, and history.

In addition to formal academic work in literature and writing, staff and students offer non-credit instruction in canoeing, camping, art, and nature studies. Students teach or co-teach classes as part of their NELP experience.

The Project:
This project involved the re-branding of the program which included the creation of a logo, program brochure, flyer, promotional poster, kiosk ad, print and digital ads, and web banners. Letterhead design and website redesign are currently in progress.

For more information on NELP, see the program website:



Lamstein Children's Literature Lecture—2010
Texts Sacred and Canonical Symposium
Bear River Writers' Conference—2010
Hopwood Awards Ad
Lamstein Children's Literature Lecture—2009
Perspectives on English Language Studies Symposium
A Celebration of Theodore Roethke
Lamstein Children's Literature Lecture—2008
Bear River Writers' Conference—2008
Lamstein Children's Literature Lecture—2007
Bear River Writers' Conference—2007
Modernism Unbound Conference
Responding to the Natural World Conference
Gender & Popular Culture: 1650-1750 Conference
Highlife for Lemuel Symposium
Cultural Memory and the Passion Narrative Lecture
New England Literature Program
Homi BhaBha Lecture
Prison Creative Arts Project
Chris Van Allsburg Williams Bear River Writers' Conference 2010 Hopwood Awards Kadohata Bailey Roethke NELP Daniel Handler/Lemony Snicket Bear River 08 Christopher Curtis Bear River Writers' Bornstein John Knott Gender and Pop Culture Lem Johnson Hartman PCAP Homi Bhabba
NELP promotional brochure
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New England Literature Program
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Digital Ad
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In Progress:
Website redesign

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