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ACLA Conference Program—2004

In concert with the University of Michigan’s emphasis on international diversity, this annual meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association took place in Ann Arbor April 15-18, 2004.

About the conference:
Combining the global and ethnic suggests a perspective that makes use of the traditional strengths of Comparative Literature as a discipline and points in new directions important to its future. Ethnicity names the domain of specific kinds and human differences to which close attention must be paid. Globalism reflects the massive transformation in the exchange of information and meaning that has been occurring ever since different human kinds have begun to mingle. Some interpretations of our theme include but are not limited to: hybrid forms, time and counter-time, gender and sexuality, market culture, and empire.

The ACLA conference was a multi-disciplinary gathering that included over 600 participants from 27 countries.

The Project:
Design conference website and corresponding events program.

To view the archived conference website, click here.



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ACLA Conference Program, 2004
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ACLA Conference Program

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