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U-M Department of English Strategic Plan

It is perhaps easiest to sum up the Strategic Plan for the U-M Department of English as being very similar in nature to the annual plans published commonly by many businesses with one notable difference: this plan covers a five year period. The purpose of this document is to present not only the current state of the Department but its goals and needs for the future. Depth and breadth were important as was quality of presentation and ease of readability. This document would be presented to reviewers at the highest level of the University, both internal and external, and at stake was the future of the program: from funding students and the number of faculty hires available to the amount of office space allotted to the department and number of employees on staff.

The Project:
Responsible for the collection of copy from various faculty and staff contributors, creation of graphics and visual representation of data points, and layout/design of publication.



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U-M English Strategic Plan
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U-M Department of English Strategic Plan, Cover
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U-M Department of English Strategic Plan
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