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From simple web design to dynamic, database-driven web applications, Anthony has the knowledge, skills, and experience to get your job done.

Anthony has been designing, building, and maintaining websites for over 10 years. With advanced knowledge of several programming languages, database systems and graphic design software—whether your project involves the front-end, or the back-end, or anything in-between—cSquared Design is the one-stop shop for all your web needs.

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Recent Work(s)

Williams Symposium Department of English Website U-M New England Literature Program U-M English Career Profiles

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Most recently Anthony completed work on the promotional materials for the symposium to honor Professor Ralph Williams on his retirement from the University of Michigan titled Texts Sacred and Canonical: Their Circulation in Public Culture.

Anthony also recently completed work on the redesign of the U-M Department of English website and the redesign of the U-M New England Literature Program website.

Finally, Anthony completed work on the U-M English Career Profiles website for U-M Department of English.

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