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U-M Prison Creative Arts Project

The Prison Creative Arts Project's mission is to collaborate with incarcerated adults, incarcerated youth, urban youth and the formerly incarcerated to strengthen our community through creative expression.

Core Values: We believe that everyone has the capacity to create art. Art is necessary for individual and societal growth, connection and survival. It should be accessible to everyone. The values that guide our process are respect, collaboration in which vulnerability, risk, and improvisation lead to discovery and resilience, persistence, patience, love and laughter. We are joined with others in the struggle for social justice, and we make possible spaces in and from which the voices and visions of the incarcerated can be expressed.

PCAP is a student/faculty/community organization based in the Department of English Language and Literature and generously supported by English and by the School of Art and Design at the University of Michigan.

The Project:
Anthony has been the PCAP website administrator since 2003. The PCAP branding and promotional materials has recently been completely redesigned and work is currently being done on an updated website.

For more information or to view the PCAP website, click here.

To see samples of the PCAP logo and promotional materials, click here.


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