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Shiga Survival Guide On-Line—1997-2001

The Shiga Survival Guide was designed to give the foreigners living in Shiga within the context of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program the information necessary to live a full and independent life during their tenure in Shiga Prefecture. The guide—the result of collaborative efforts and contributions by active JET participants— first existed in hardcopy format and was latter incorporated into the first web presence for the JET community in Shiga Prefecture.

The Project:
The first iteration of the Shiga JET website and the Shiga Survival Guide On-Line was created by Anthony in 1997 and was entirely hand coded. In 2001 control of the site was turned over to the local chapter of AJET and eventually grew into the much improved and expanded shigajet.org.

For more information or to view the website, click here.

NOTE: This site exists for archival purposes only. For the most current information you should visit the shigajet.org website. For more information on the JET Program, click here.


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