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U-M Department of English Alumni Newsletter—2008-09

The University of Michigan Department of English Alumni Newsletter is an annual 20 page publication distributed to 18,000 alumni, donors, and friends of the department. Content ranges from year to year, however, its aim is to inform its readers on the current state of the department, the study of English Language and Literature, accomplishments of faculty and students, and—perhaps most importantly—areas of financial need. This is the primary outreach piece for the department each year.

The Project:
Working with a faculty editor and the Department Chair, Anthony is responsible for all content, design and the publication of the newsletter. Duties include print vendor selection; proofing and minor editing of copy; collection and retouching of images; production of original photographs, graphics, and illustrations when necessary; layout; and pre-press preparation.



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U-M English Alumni Newsletter 2008-09, Sample Spread
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U-M English Newsletter

8.5 X 11, saddle-stitch, 16 pages
Color: 4/4 Process

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