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U-M Hopwood Program Bi-Annual Newsletter—2000-Current

The Hopwood Writing Program—offering some of the most prestigious financial awards available to students at the University—has helped launch the careers of many successful authors including Marge Piercy, Arthur Miller, Nancy Willard and X.J. Kennedy.

Under the terms of the will of Avery Hopwood, prominent American dramatist and member of the Class of 1905 of The University of Michigan, one-fifth of Mr. Hopwood's estate was given to the Regents of the University for the encouragement of creative work in writing. The first awards were made in 1931, and today the Hopwood Program is proud to offer substantial prizes every year to young aspiring writers at the University of Michigan.

The Hopwood Newsletter is a bi-annual publication sent out to nearly 4,000 previous award winners, judges, lecturers, and friends of the program.

The Project:
Anthony assumed responsibility for the production of the Hopwood Newsletter in 2000. At that time, previous editions were entirely text-driven pieces—not very appealing visually and difficult to read. As part of a complete overhaul of the promotional material for the program (which included the newsletter and website), the program was re-branded with a new logo (inspired from the painting of Avery Hopwood located in the Hopwood Room), letterhead, envelope, and program website. The newsletter design was also given a facelift to correspond with this new brand image. Though constrained to black and white printing for budgetary reasons, the newsletter now regularly features images and the text has been reformatted to allow readers to more easily navigate its content.

For more information or to view the program website, see:



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U-M Hopwood Program Newsletter, Sample Cover
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U-M Hopwood Program Bi-Annual Newsletter

8.5 X 11, saddle-stitch, 16-24 pages
Black & White
Letterhead & Envelope

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